Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Wedding, A Wig, and Trick-or-Treat ...OH MY!

What a weekend!  I was ecstatic to find out on Friday that my counts were up again!  I had this incredible backache on Thursday night where I could not lie down at all.  I had to put about six pillows on the bed so I could sleep sitting up.  I was so tired that I actually did fall asleep that way!  When I woke up a bit a few hours later, the backache had gone as quickly as it had come.  My oncologist told me that this was probably an indication that my platelets were coming up.  This will be the first time I will say I am glad for a backache!

I walked back into preschool after the blood tests happy as a clam (and I always wondered...just how happy ARE clams?)!  The kids looked great and the Halloween Party was full of their voices and laughter.  I loved reading and singing to them afterward.  It was a good day to celebrate make-believe and good news. 

Then, we went to a wedding I had been hoping to be able to attend.  And I am feeling gooooood!  I am so glad to be able to go and have some "normalcy" in the midst of this "cancer craziness".  I could even dance with my husband and "the girls"! The food even finally looks good and while I can't eat a lot of it, I can indeed eat.  Of course, no alcohol!  Even had I been able to, I'm afraid to get my stomach acting up again.  I am still being careful on what I put into it.  (And....I do need to thank an angel family that came to preschool to give me quite a supply of Prilosec, after they read this blog.  I know now this will be a mainstay for me while I am taking this chemo combo.  Isn't God great?  He just keeps showing up in the forms of others and surprising me with His goodness.)

I also picked up my wig from my hairdresser.  It looks beautiful and I am so glad to have it ready for next week when my hair will begin it's march off my head.  While there, I met this woman (I love meeting people and hearing their stories!) who agreed with me on the fact that breast cancer is just everywhere you go anymore...particularly with my generation.  She not only blames hormones, though, but all the chemicals we eat, drink, and have around us.  She was particularly angry about fluoride and is actually working to get it banned from our water.  I haven't checked this out yet, but she claims it is an by-product of nuclear waste!  YUCK!

Then, tired but happy, I go to church today and many friends from a nearby temple are coming in to be with us as a part of an interfaith weekend.  There was a great speaker, great company, and great sharing of our faiths.  While there, a new visitor to our church approaches me and introduces herself and reveals that she too is a recent breast cancer patient and had started chemo two days after me.  So, that makes three of us in the same church who are currently fighting this battle!  And that's not mentioning all the survivors in the pews.  I am more and more conscious of just how pervasive this disease has become.

So, now back home I rest, prepare for Trick-or-Treaters, and another round of chemo.....OH MY! (Double YUCK!)



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