Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Runny Nose Saga

Tomorrow is the last day of 2010, and I'm thinking it's OK to see it go.  It was not the best of years, and perhaps not the worst, but I will be glad to see it go.  A new year always comes with plenty of promise and hope; and lots of new plans and goals. " It's a good thing", as Martha would say!

My husband and I still have our miserable colds.  Today we decided to play hooky from life and just be lazy all day napping and watching TV from our bed.  And we both actually did sleep and must have needed it.  I know coughing and stuffed noses have kept us both up during the night for a few nights and I, for one, was plenty tired.

I was beginning to realize that my nose has been "running" for a fact, since I began this treatment.  Plus, my eyes are always "watering".  I do have dry eyes and use drops, but as I thought about it, this has also increased since this latest treatment.  So I did a little on-line research and found that a "clear runny nose" and "runny eyes" have been experienced by a lot of patients who have been on Taxol.  I'M NOT CRAZY THEN!  It seems this is another side effect experienced by some people.  It reminds me of how I get with my allergies, and how the only thing that helps is Claritin.  And low and behold...that is exactly what my fellow patients have been taking to slow down the constant running from nose and eyes.  One patient told a story of getting stopped by a police officer for a broken taillight and having to convince him that her runny eyes and nose were not caused by drugs...but by her chemo!  Another patient, a teacher, mentioned having tissues in every corner of the room and in every pocket she owned just so she could catch her runny nose before it fell down her face and embarrassed her in front of her students.

Because as gross as it is to talk about, that's how out of control it is.  You lean over and it just pours like water out of your nose!  Or you are standing there talking to someone and realize that you had best make an excuse and find a tissue fast!  I thought it was all due to the cold, but now realize it is just another added "extra" from the new treatment.  There is just no end to all the little surprises along the way.

So today I went and got my Claritin and indeed, it is a little better.  I also don't find myself coughing as much from all the darn fluid flowing out of my body and I hope it will also somehow help me get rid of this cold.  Feeling tired as much as I do, I don't need this cold dragging me down any further.  I've got a lot of stuff coming up I need to attend to.

That's my story for today.  Tomorrow night as you welcome in the New Year, spend some time thinking of all the blessing of this current year and how you have grown as a person through your experiences.  Then look forward to this New Year with all it will bring for you and your family.  And I hope it brings only good things!  Happy, Blessed New Year to all!

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  1. Blessings to you too Sharon. I hope the New Year will be a blessed one for you.