Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oil in my Lamp

I am going to warn you that today's blog is a little different.  It is probably more deep and inspirational than my others.  And there are probably some of you who are uncomfortable with "deepness" so I recommend that you skip this blog!  

It also is reflective of my faith, which is a big part of me.  Only read on if don't mind a little inspirational talk today through some deep thoughts of mine.  I'm not offended if you don't.  (Hey..I won't even know...LOL!)

I am feeling still wonderfully good today after the Taxol chemo; and I am somewhat energized by this feeling.  I am also feeling extremely thankful for this and trying to be aware of how I can tend myself in a way that will keep this positive feeling continuing. 

I received help in this from a friend's e-mail that sent me to a inspirational site:  ( -- if you are interested).  This site spoke of how we must tend ourselves so we can be what we need to be for ourselves and for others.

I do think we sometimes forget this.  Whether we are in the midst of dealing with cancer; or just going about our daily grind, we do forget to "add oil to our own lamps" so we can be a better and more fulfilled...US!  There are a lot of poems and biblical passages that deal with light and its effect on life.  Living in darkness can be even more tiring and stressful than making sure there is enough light in your life.  But only you can put it there or ensure it remains there.

At this time of year when lights are all around us reminding us of the holiday season...whether it be lights on the Christmas tree, a menorah for Hanukkuh, or Jesus, the Light that Came Into the World; it is a good time to remember how these lights are a part of us and we should nurture them within us.

As the website said, the world needs our flame...our energy...our presence...our "light".  Yet, we cannot be any of that without making sure to "add oil to our own lamps" so they are able to produce the light needed.  I know everyone has their own way of re-charging (adding oil to that lamp).  My way is through prayer, with the support of family and friends, and trying to think beyond myself so I don't get so tied up in feeling sorry for myself (ok...I don't always succeed, but I try).  

Whatever your way is...whether its the same as mine...or if you use yoga, or meditation, or reading, or looking at a beautiful scene of nature, etc., do it!  Don't let your light fade and start stumbling in the dark.  It is a very sad and lonely place to be.  Sometimes you really have to dig deep to make the changes necessary to even begin to feel your light.  Changes needed can be big or small...but they are needed changes if you are feeling overwhelmed and you are in a dark place. It's easy to get lost there and so stuck that you don't or can't get out.  But the path out is always available right before you.  

I hope you find your light within and do all you can to keep it burning brightly...I'll be working on the same.  What a better time to begin than the week before Christmas with all the joy this event brings!