Monday, December 9, 2013

Laser Tag with my Hair and Coasting with Recovery

Last I posted I talked about the hair loss I was experiencing.  It was quite a surprise to find out that hair loss is a side effect of the very drug (Arimidex) that is supposed to give me added protection from a breast cancer relapse.  I did indeed go through all the testing with the dermatologist and everything else checked out OK.  My options were to get the Laser Comb (expensive but reportedly good results) or to try Rogaine (but once you start, you need to continue forever and ever) or other more invasive treatments.

I decided to get the Laser Comb since I just didn't want another drug in or on my body.  I have been using it for only about two months, but it has helped.  I have also been taking Bioxin and a Vitamin B Complex.  While I still have thin hair and need to style my hair carefully; at least I can do so and look better than I did in the summer when it became very apparent that I needed to do SOMETHING!

My husband tells me soon my head will glow (LOL), but I am giving it the "old college try" since it appears to be helping.

I have since seen my cosmetic surgeon for one of the last check-ups.  The next one is not for six months.  I also saw my oncologist and the next appointment for her is not for another two months.  I am feeling very blessed right now.  My husband, who has had his share of medical issues since my diagnosis, is also feeling well.  So we are both just grateful for this time to be well and to celebrate another Christmas season.

I am now very used to my implants.  You always know they are there, but you become accustomed to how they feel in your body.  Sometimes when you go out into the cold air, or there is some severe weather change, your body lets you know.  I feel it in the implants and on my sides where the skin needed to be taken to support my breast tissue.  But other than that, they are now a part of me.

Sometimes I think to myself that having the breast cancer changed me in ways that were very positive and enlightening.  I walk more confidently; I don't take a lot for granted; and I appreciate many things so much more intensely.

But I do not recommend this as a way to get there!!  But I do give thanks to God for getting me this far and for the friends and family that supported me all along the way.

I am hoping there will be no more surprises in the near future, but I will continue to update my blog every couple months.  Thanks for reading.