Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Hope

Today is Christmas Eve, and it always seems such a wonderful holy time!  Of course, if you go to the malls, it's not so fact it can be downright deadly with all the pushing, shoving, and grabbing.  But at home, with quiet music playing, and a rest on the couch, it is a day of peace.

I have a horrible cold.  In fact, I am thinking if it doesn't get better, I don't think they will give me the Taxol this week.  And I am hoping my bloods are up, otherwise, it's another transfusion.  But...that's for Tuesday, and I have a few days to go.

My husband and I have determined that we think we will be OK to sing at church tonight.  It's an early service, at 7 PM, and we can be home early.  We have sung at the Christmas Eve service for so long, that it is almost a part of "our Christmas tradition".  We are going to sing "Night of Silence", which is one of our favorites.  Then my husband will be going on Midnight Mass (did I mention that we are an "inter-faith" Christian couple...he is Catholic, and I am Lutheran) but I am taking a pass this year.  Usually, we go to both of our churches on Christmas and Easter.

For now, we are resting on the couch so we are "good" for tonight.  Christmas Eve service is important to both of us...feeling a little yucky or not.

I hope you also will be joining your church family and people all over the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the hope of His coming again.  Tonight, let the light that is Christ come into your heart and bring you peace.  Blessed Christmas!   

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