Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Benedryl Woman Walking

Yesterday was the second Taxol treatment.  I went in with a cold and was hoping that would not prevent me from getting the treatment.   I was looking forward to being able to begin the countdown from 10 for the next 10 Tuesdays.  It's almost a better number to countdown from since even Sesame Street Kids can countdown from 10 to 1 and then that lovely number 0

I was lucky...even with the cold, I could go ahead with the chemo.  I was told I can also take whatever I normally do for a cold, since there are no restrictions on Taxol and that was good news!  I'll breathe much better tonight.  My bloods came out OK, except it showed I am still anemic, but not in danger zone right now.  However, she did warn me that it is possible there is another blood transfusion in my future; I just have to wait and see.

We got in about 11:00, but didn't officially get started until about 12:30.  I was given the saline drip, as normal, and then the pre-meds.  You do remember me mentioning that Benedryl as a part of pre-meds?  It was here again as it will always be, and this time I just laid back the minute it was hooked up and was asleep a nanosecond later.  

About half-way through the treatment, my subconcious heard a voice I knew and I fought to get my eyes open.  It was my fellow breast cancer pal who is going through radiation downstairs.  She stopped knowing I was there and she was chatting with some of the chemo ballroom patients.  I love her laugh and it called to me through my Benedryl unconsiousness.  I said "hello" and she came over.  I have no idea what we discussed now.  I remember her talking, but it was like those Peanut character's never hear what they are saying except the noise.  My eyes felt like they were rolling and I could barely say "good-bye".  But I knew she understood and I was even glad for the toe-pinch she gave me as a hug.

So, I remember nothing of this time yesterday.  It was even difficult to wake up to go home.  I was glad my husband was there and I was almost falling asleep in the car.  Needless to say, when we got home, I ate something and then fell asleep for a few hours again.  That stuff sure does it's job and more so!

I had been hoping to go to this great new Christmas worship at our church for the "Longest Night" which was a more sober celebration for those who are experiencing loss, illness or other sadness in their lives.  But, I could only snore on my couch, so missed it.

The whole day was in a Benedryl Dream again, and although I was walking or talking, I had no idea what was going on in front of me.  I was a "Benedryl Woman Walking".  However, I am better today so if you see me, I will actually be able to acknowledge you and understand what you are saying!

Hopefully, this week will be a repeat of last, and I will feel well all week.  It would be good to feel well during Christmas.  I will keep you posted.  Keep those lights burning inside and get to church this Christmas to celebrate the Christ who came to earth as a babe, and who will come again!    

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