Friday, October 22, 2010

After Effects

So, today is three days after chemo day.  The first day all was well and I was glad to be done with round one.  I ate very light, as they suggested and took that anti-nausea medicine religiously.  The nausea was not an issue and really is still not.  In fact, today, I am off anti-nausea meds and it's OK.  The next day I had to go back for a shot that was a "white cell count booster".  They said that there is usually no side effect except maybe some bone pain in your mid-body.  Fortunately, also that did not happen. 

However, yesterday, the port was becoming a little red (and I was as well), and pretty uncomfortable, so I didn't waste any time, but called the oncologist to ask if this was "normal".  I am finding out that many things in the cancer journey that we may not think are normal...are normal.  Since infection is always a risk, she asked me to come in.  So. for the third day in a row (chemo, shot, and now the port), I went back to the cancer center.  They were really great, and let me know that I was not being "silly" by worrying and put me right at ease.  It turns out, everything was OK, and that the steroids they gave me on chemo day were making me a little red...and the port was just bruised and sore. 

I have been able to get into work this week, and it is good to see the kids (did I mention I direct a preschool?).  Of course, I have to keep my hand sanitizer handy for those hands that have just wiped their nose...but it is good to see so much life and wonder through their eyes.  And...they are glad to see me!  You gotta love that!

My main complaint is this darn headache that won't go away.  I have it at night and during the day to varying degrees of annoyance.  I have been able to take Tylenol for it, but it just dulls it and it really doesn't go completely away. Today it is at its worst.  I guess that's going to be "my thing" side effect. 

Doc said not to be surprised if I "crash" this weekend...but did give the good news that the upswing will happen next week and I should feel better.  Just in start chemo number two.  Whoopie!  And they tell you that if your counts aren't in the right place, then it is delayed.  That would be a bummer.  You just want to get it all counted down and done.  But I am still a long way from there...just a beginner, in fact.  

My sister-in-law is coming for a visit in a week.  It will be good to see her and have the company.  She will give my husband some time to stop "hovering" and be able to go to some of his meetings and other things.  He is always involved in so much, I don't want him to feel he has to stay right here.  But, right now, it's where he feels comfortable being.  But I don't want this treatment to make him feel he has to give up his life.  

So today is not a great day, but it is also the day they mentioned as being the one I might experience any side effects.  So, I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day and the upswiing can't come soon enough!

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