Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On The Road Again

I will be the first to say that this weekend was a tough one.  For me, that is saying something!  I mentioned in the last blog about the nausea from the latest anesthesia, and boy, it stayed with me until Monday!  I was also experiencing a lot of "brain fog" and my body just wanted to lay around and not move.  The two drains on each of my sides were so achy; and the swelling and bandaging made me feel like a sausage ready to break out of its skin.  I was glad, however, that it was so nice and cool this weekend that it made being in the house more bearable.  With all that I was carrying around on my body, it was hard to find something to wear, so I ended up wearing some t-shirts of my husband's since they were big, loose and comfy.

Today I went back to my surgeon for him to look at everything.  Before I tell you what happened, I have to let you know what a wonderful person he is.  First of all, he did just about everything he could do before he needed to stick me back in that operating room again; and I appreciate that very much.  But what I will tell you next will show his character even more.  

I get updates on line from my insurance company on each and every claim.  The day of surgery I was looking around the site and found the claim for the mastectomy was posted which said I would owe $38,000!!!!  I almost dropped on the floor!  I knew that logically, this would might not be true in the end, but I had no time to investigate further.  When I went to the office today I asked to speak to the person in charge of billing to create some type of payment plan and find out where we stood.  She told me not to worry...that my doctor accepts (for his breast cancer patients) what insurance will pay.  He figures other patients come looking for cosmetic changes; but breast cancer patients have no choice in their procedures and he likes helping his breast cancer patients this way.  Now tell me....how often do you hear that today with everyone just interested in money, money, money?  Not often.  So, he is a keeper and my husband and I both love him and his sense of humor.

Getting back to today....the surgeon removed all bandages and dressings and pronounced everything "looking good" and then proceeded to take out three of the drains.  The best news was that I could take a shower when I got home (oh, the bliss!).  All I have now is one drain and a few large band aids.  This is quite an improvement!  I am still very swollen all around the upper half of my body and it feels a little uncomfortable, but it should start easing up soon.  After the appointment, we went to breakfast, and then proceeded home where I had to nap (exhausted from it all!) before I could finally get into that shower.

I've told you before how God is in this with me and I still feel that strongly.  I've had people mention that "God must have something special in mind for you when this is done."  And I disagree.  The truth is that He has "something special" in mind for all of us since the day we are born.  I am just glad that I was open to his call and that I could be so aware of His walk beside me and His care for me.

Blessings along the journey have been many, surprising, and fulfilling.  I am so glad to be reconnected with people from my past once more (especially my first Pastor and his wife....you never forget your "first") and to know just how many people I can count on for support and encouragement.  That is a large part of the "healing process" so never think that anything you do for someone goes unnoticed.  Each act of kindness matters....a lot.

On Thursday I go back to the surgeon to possibly get this last drain out.  On Friday, I go back to the "chemo ballroom" for the first of the "every three week cycle" of Herceptin (for the next 7 months).  It is hard to think that we will be going back, but it has to be done.  They have shortened the time I will be on it, though, so that is good.  And on next Tuesday I see my "primary care" doc to see how this blood pressure is behaving.  (So far, so good....we are taking it at home.)

We are "on the road again" and not looking for any more detours along the way!  And I am glad to be there and at the very point I thought about often during those winter months.  A time of sunshine, healing, butterflies, and a new beginning. 

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