Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

OK, I guess once you are an early childhood person, you are always an early childhood person.  And if you are also one, then you and I are the only ones who will "get" the title today.  But that's not the point....the point is that, I am, indeed home!

Got up early Tuesday morning and it was hard to wait until 2:00 pm to get to the hospital to await my surgery.  Once we got there we had a larger surprise!  My surgeon came out and told us that the person who was supposed to be operated on before me had some complications, so I was "on-deck".  There was no time to think, thankfully, and they whisked me through registration and right into the pre-pre-op room.  Everyone came in to have their peak and/or ask the same questions, and then before I knew it, I was wheeled into the actual pre-op room.  There I met my anesthesiologist and assorted other surgery people, and before I knew it, I was "out like a light".

This time after surgery I spent a little time in the post-op room since my blood pressure was quite low.  They finally brought me upstairs around 8:30 pm.  I vaguely remember saying "good-bye" to my husband and my niece and then nothing until morning.  That night I had a nurse who was very funny and she kept my spirits up in spite of my feeling nauseous and anxious.  I did fall back to sleep often and really don't remember much of this night.  The next day, I had a nurse who was brand new at the hospital and apparently she gave me my blood pressure medicine BEFORE taking my blood pressure.  So, my pressure started going low once again.  They gave me a lot of liquids, got me up and walking and it slowly got up to an OK range by that evening.  During the day, I was still nauseous and not sure if it was the blood pressure or the anesthesia.  Food has not really been my friend since, but I am trying.  Although the nurse was new, after this initial  mistake, she turned out to be the most thorough nurse I had.  And the hospital had her "shadowed" by another nurse.  She did come in often to check on me and change my dressings, and empty my drains and just to ask how I was.  She was very gentle and very young, and very caring.  She will eventually make a great nurse.  That night and next day were much the same with my blood pressure staying low, and then leveling out.  I was not feeling great, but still wanting to get home.  Even the pain meds this time had me feeling nauseous.  I was glad when Friday morningcame and my surgeon told me that I could indeed leave the hospital.  (My blood pressure OK once more). 

So with drains all around my waist like a "six-shooter" gun belt, and numerous bandages and gauze pads and dressings on my body, I squeezed it all into my clothing and we rode home.  It felt so good to be home I couldn't help crying.  Last night I had a great night's sleep in my own bed and today I am just trying to get over the nausea and hoping to feel better.  My husband keeps presenting food like it will help but the sight of most of it makes me want to run.  But it is sweet that he is trying.  

I admit to not feeling as "chipper" as I did last time.  Although the pain is different (not as pressing and severe), I just don't feel like me at all yet.  I go to see my surgeon on Tuesday and hopefully he will be able to remove some drains and I should feel more comfortable.  And perhaps by then, I will be feeling better all around.

Thanks, everyone, for your support and prayers and know because of your prayers, God sent plenty of angels to carry me through once again.  Peace out! 

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  1. Glad to hear your back home. Praying for healing and feeling like yourself!