Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't You Just Love a Bargain?

In the spirit of Black Friday, I just had to put the Christmas Tree Shop slogan up there.  This was the first Black Friday that I didn't get up early and join the madness!  I know, I'm crazy to do so, but I do love the rush of a bargain and the early morning in a store.  But, this year, I just wasn't up to it. 

We had Thanksgiving at my nephew and "old-same's" house and really had a great time.  The pre-made meal was fabulous and I was glad to have saved them the preparation and work that they usually do for us.  I would have liked to have stayed longer (or overnight as they suggested), but still wasn't 100% and was "pooped" by 6 pm, so we left to go home.  I don't like feeling so tired (as I am used being the "Energizer Bunny"), but I need to listen to my body when it gets like that and go home to my my jammies, my comfy robe, and my couch.

Went to the oncologist on Friday to get my bloods done.  Told her about my week and my "crying jag" on Saturday.  To my shock, I started crying in her office!  "What's with this?", I thought, "I thought I was over this!".  But she was good and explained to me that some people like me have a similar reaction to the steroids and it makes them more emotional than usual.  Not to mention the stress of having the cancer and the treatments itself.  She further explained that they contribute to my not being able to sleep well, which also doesn't help.  And she let me know that my bloods show some anemia, which is contributing to my tiredness.

So, with that news, I can understand what is happening more.  I do keep forgetting that these drugs are really dealing with every part of my body and being.  I hate giving up the control to them, but there is no choice right now.

After the doctor visit, we decided to stop "spur of the moment" to a dear friend that has been cooking wonderful meals for us to thank her and say "hello".  She gave us a tour of her house, which is like an incredible museum of collections and antique furniture.  She is such a gracious host and just a good person who can make you laugh and feel at home.  This also was a good visit.

Then, we went home and got out some Christmas decorations and began the work of the holiday before us!  In some ways, not having the strength I normally do will be a good thing.  I can concentrate on the real celebration of this holiday and take myself out of a lot of the "hype".  That will be a real blessing.

So, Tuesday is the last dance with the "red devil" and boy, am I glad about that!  One more horrible weekend and then I move on to the Taxol.  The side effects should be less and the oncologist said the nausea and stomach problems I have had should not be as severe.  YEA!

Happy Shopping everyone!  Pick up a bargain in my name today!  Have fun, but don't push anyone! 


  1. :) Glad you're almost finished with the 'red devil'!! Hoping Taxol will be an easier for you!! Happy THanksgiving! I'm glad you're decorating for Christmas.. FUN! Take care, Jessi

  2. May your Advent be filled with unexpected blessings.

  3. Sharon, thank you again and again for sharing - I was in Irvington for Thanksgiving with Heidi, David and the boys. Sorry I didn't make it to church so that I could talk to u. I wish u well with the Taxol -