Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This will be a shorter post as I am just home from the hospital.  Got home last night after dinnertime.  Doc said I am doing well and with the help of a pain meds and muscle relaxer, I am able to get around a little bit.

This time the pre-op wait was a little better.  No cat scan to do before the surgery and no wires needed to guide the surgeons.  It was "winner take all" and the bilateral mastectomy was done.  My breast surgeon and my plastic surgeon are wonderful people and I trust them implicitly.  They are both very caring people and willing to share information and feelings.  The surgery was without surprises since they had both prepped me pretty good.  The first day I was very sore and needed the pain meds (morphine) to be able to move at all.  By nighttime, I needed to go the bathroom so bad, but could not use the bedpan (gross, I know, but incentive to get up out of bed).  So, after a few tries, they let me get up and use the bathroom.  What a relief!  The first time up was the worst, but it got better after that.

The nurses at the hospital could not have been nicer.  It was a wonderful stay and I was impressed with the hospital.  Every time I called, they were always prompt to answer and my pain meds given always before the pain got too bad.  By yesterday, I was able to walk up and down the hallway and I was given the news that I could go home by night time (since that would be 48 hours).

It is a little freaky to look down and see the flatness of my chest, but I am glad that the reconstruction will be done right away.  The extenders are in now and I go back to the plastic surgeon on Monday morning for him to look at everything and go over the next steps.

Thank you everyone for all your concern, cards, e-mails, and support.  I am tired so will end now.  But I will write more as I feel stronger.

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