Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earthquake, Hurricane and Back to School

This has been a crazy couple weeks.  First, last Tuesday we had the rare earthquake event here on the east coast.  Although it centered in Virginia, it was felt all the way here in NY.  Feeling it, however, depended on where you were standing since I didn't feel anything at all.  Yet others near and further away did indeed feel it!  I was in my office at church, talking to the church secretary and we both were oblivious to any movement of the earth. Makes me feel good about the strength of that building.  In fact, the first I heard of the earthquake was when my son called from PA to make sure we were OK in NY.  I was surprised to hear his building had been evacuated.  NYC seemed to feel it even more and many people piled out of office buildings into the street.  It was eerily familiar since the same had happened after 9/11.

Then I went for my Herceptin treatment on Friday.  It was non-eventful and went well.  We arrived at 8:45 and left at 10:50 am.  It's great to get in and out of there fast.  My oncologist said the anemia is still there, but holding its own (darn...have to keep taking those iron pills!).  My blood pressure was better (and I think due to the stress level of some personal matters not being such a factor this time).  And...as I thought...I have to go for the Muga Scan again just before the next treatment.  They need to see if my heart ejection factor will keep going down or if that number will hold for a while also.

In the meantime, my hair continues to fill in and grow.  Many people keep telling me that they like it the way it is now.  I am beginning to like the grey, but not sure I want to keep it this short.  (I am going to upload a picture of me in my short grey hair with my granddaughter by my side for this site.)  The "red area" still there, but again no better, no worse.  I also continue to feel "more normal".  My energy, while not up to par because of the anemia, is still not bad.  I feel like my brain is working much better now also!  Everything is "OK" right now....and I am beginning to love "OK".

Then came Hurricane Irene with all the media hype, and with all her power.  My area was pretty lucky and we escaped from flooding and still have our electricity.  But all around are families and houses that did not escape so well and it is a lesson learned about Mother Nature.  She just has a mind and strength of her own.  Of course, we all checked in with those around us; especially those who were alone.  It's what God expects of us and is a part of our connection with Him and with each other.

My next appointment is with the plastic surgeon on next Tuesday.  I don't expect much to happen then, since as I told you, they are taking it slow.  We go this weekend to see my son & family in PA and we are really looking forward to that.  Once we come back, it is time for school to begin once again....only this time I will appreciate this time of year and life so much more!

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