Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Happy Dance

Surgery was Wednesday and all went according to plan.  It was good not to have to go to the hospital but instead be at the surgical suite at my surgeon's office since it was all so much more "informal".  As soon as I arrived, they gave me something "to relax me"; the anesthesiologist came in and we talked, I watched TV while I waited, and then it was time.  They walked me into the surgical room where I jumped up on the table (these tables are not at a level for short people...I always need a boost).  My surgeon and his nursing staff were getting ready and I heard the anesthesiologist say, "You should be feeling a little tired real soon...".  I never heard him finish the sentence because I was "out for the count".  I remember nothing until it was all over.

As my surgeon said, he "moved the skin graft over".  I woke up on the stretcher with a "white corset-kinda thing" (that had a little red rose on it just for effect, I imagine) around my chest and feeling fine.  My surgeon came in to say "all went well" and unfortunately, I once again was going home with a drain.  Once they made sure I was fully awake and "all system's go"; my husband was asked to get the car and I was wheeled downstairs.

I feel asleep again as soon as we got home, but started to feel uncomfortable once I woke up.  Thankfully, I still had some painkillers left from the last surgery so this helped me to sleep and find a comfortable spot that night.  I wasn't to see the surgeon until Friday, but was supposed to wear that corset thing until then.  I couldn't tell if the corset was helping or hurting.  I finally had to remove it from time to time for relief.  Then put it back on for relief.  It didn't help that the drain was in a very uncomfortable area.

On Friday we went back to the office.  I was thinking things looked good, but felt even better when my surgeon felt the same way.  Although I wasn't happy to hear that the drain won't be coming out until Monday.   I still am also leery of thinking everything will be OK since "things" seem to appear after a time (as they have over the past few months)...but I am hopeful!

As I was leaving the office, he came back up to us and did a little "happy dance" and said he was excited that things were looking as well as they were.  And that "happy dance" meant to me that he wasn't just being encouraging...but actually thought this time we "had it"!  Maybe the "third time WAS actually the charm" for me!

This weekend things have been a little uncomfortable since it is the heat wave of all heat waves in our area and even though we have stayed mostly in the AC, I prefer the outside air and being able to get walking outside.  I am also swollen again all around my chest area so once again moving from lying down to sitting to standing positions take a little practice before these simple actions can be done without pain.  And drains are NEVER comfortable!

Last night I finally got to sleep and remained asleep (without a painkiller) for most of the night.  I was that tired.  I even chose to "sleep in" rather than go to church today because I just sooo needed it.

I have not yet done my own "happy dance"; but will if I get through the next couple weeks and all still looks OK.  We are supposed to go on vacation August 15th for a few days, and I am just really hoping we are able to do this

Tomorrow is Monday, and we'll see if he's still dancing "happy".  It's been a long summer already!

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