Saturday, June 16, 2012

Downey Softness

OK, the title is a play on words.  Of course, you probably remember the commercials for "Downy Fabric Softener" with that cuddly teddy bear.  He would just rub himself with a towel that had been in the softener and look like he was in heaven!  I always got a kick out of this commercial since my maiden name was "Downey (with the "e"), so the spelling above is not a mistake but representative of ME!  And "softness" is the subject of this blog!!

Ahhhhhhh...the relief of having implants replace the extenders!  Funny enough, my appointment to have the extenders taken out and implants put in was on my husband's birthday!  We had a good laugh over that one!  I just couldn't wait to have this done.  The extenders were just sooooo uncomfortable and sleep was hard to do since I couldn't turn over or move without pain.  Somehow, the extenders were just more painful when I was laying down.

Finally, the day arrived and I was eager to see what the implants would be like.  Would they be just as comfortable as others said?  Would I be satisfied with their feel?  

As soon as I woke up after the surgery, I couldn't wait to feel for myself.  And I was so relieved to feel that my breasts were now as soft as pillows!  And I no longer felt like I had two bowling balls on my chest!  Of course (wait for it....) it wouldn't be me without some type of issue or concern.  So, here it is:

You might not remember that the right breast had a load of problems with the extender and I had a few surgeries just to help the skin on that breast.  Also, when the extender on that side was replaced with a new extender, my plastic surgeon put it in so that it wouldn't touch the area of skin that I had so many problems with (and that area was still red as well).  So, of course, it had not been inflating the same as the other breast and during surgery he had to put in a slightly smaller implant on that side.

He told me all this after I awoke and complimented him on his work.  He told me "Not so fast...." and then gave me the details.  However, he is not leaving me like this.  He just wants me to enjoy the summer and says he does not want to "touch me" until October, when he will do a "tune-up" as he calls it and perfect the work he has already done.

I did not realize (although I should have) that he also worried about another infection until I went for my check up the other day, and he said, "Wow...this looks even better than I thought!  You are going to be OK this time."  Those were good words to hear.

He also told me I could wear a bra...not one of the underwires (and do you know how hard it is to find a bra that is NOT an underwire??), but a soft bra that stretched.  I went to get one as soon as I could and it felt so good to put one on and also to look down and see a gentle rise on my chest instead of the harsh indentation and then slope outward that the extenders created with their hardness and shape.

Today I cannot help but keep touching myself to make sure they are still soft (and I have to make sure I'm not doing this in public.  I found myself doing this in the car this morning...much to the delight of the truck driver beside me!).  It feels so wonderful to have this "Downey Softness" once again.  I also can once again wear v-necks (I couldn't with the extenders because I didn't like the look of the indentation they made), and can't wait to try a bathing suit.  

My new breasts are not as large as my old ones and that is half on purpose and half because of all the trouble with my skin and how there was a need to take some of the skin away.  But I am so happy with them!  No more blouses or shirts that open between buttons!  No more searching for something to fit on the top that is too large for the rest of my body!  No more overflow in my bra! 

Yes, Just call me a Happy Camper with my two Downey Soft Pillows!

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